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Which Mattifying Powder Keeps Skin Shine-Free?

It's kind of magical putting on powder in the morning. The whole idea of it reminds me of a time when Old Hollywood starlets would whip out their compacts in the middle of conversation. Back then, their only option was Max Factor's pancake makeup, which was considered innovative, but nowadays would be considered too thick and chalky.

Today, there are pigmented options that deliver a sheer wash of coverage to even skin tones or translucent versions that will absorb oil. Loose powders are great for one application in the morning, while pressed versions are more portable. Last Fashion Week, after having run out of my regular powder, I dusted corn starch on my face to keep the shine at bay. While that was fine in a pinch, I can't very well carry cornstarch in my purse or keep it at my desk or even recommend it to you. So I've tested ten different powders — from the translucent to the pigmented, loose to pressed — to ultimately find something that leaves my complexion looking flawless and, I hope, natural. See the results in the slideshow below.

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