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Pete Davidson Rapped a Tribute to Ruth Bader Ginsburg on SNL

Last week, Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg fell in her office and broke her ribs, causing a bit of panic. If anything happens to RBG, a seat would open on the bench, and Trump would have another opportunity for a lifetime appointment. But, Ruth Bader Ginsburg is resilient. She was most worried about the timing of the broken ribs, not the injury itself.

Surviving the ‘Predators’ Club’

In 2017, Vassiki Chauhan was in her third year of graduate school at Dartmouth, working as a teaching assistant for Paul Whalen, a tenured professor who had worked in the university’s Department of Psychology and Brain Sciences. One night in April, she says, Whalen pressured her into grabbing a drink, which turned into several drinks — and then into going back to his home. Once there, she claims he “attempted to initiate sexual contact,” and she forcefully rejected his advances. When she tried to escape the second floor of his house, she says he blocked her from leaving.

Amanda Knox’s Sci-Fi-Themed Proposal Is Honestly Very Sweet

On Friday, TV host and activist Amanda Knox announced she was engaged to her longtime boyfriend, Seattle author Christopher Robinson. Knox posted a video of Robinson’s sci-fi-themed proposal, which involved a “meteorite,” ominous music, a black light, and a smoke machine, and the whole thing is very dorky and sweet.

Chanel Made the Ultimate New York Souvenir

Personally, I have never met a Chanel bag I don’t love, so when I heard there’s a new kid in town, I perked up. To celebrate the newly refurbished Chanel flagship store on 57th street in New York, the brand has produced a few limited-edition products. Sure, the store has a 60-foot-tall pearl necklace and insane art from Robert Mapplethorpe and Jenny Holzer, but I’m talking about goods we can actually bring home.