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Miss Egypt Was Bullied as a Teen for Weighing 220 Lbs.: ‘I’ve Learned How to Love Myself’

On Sunday, Miss Egypt Farah Sedky could be crowned Miss Universe — but just a few years ago, she was considered “morbidly obese” at 220 lbs. and getting cruelly bullied by her classmates.

The pageant hopeful and recent college graduate says that the other students at her all-girls high school would constantly taunt her.

Actress Selene Luna on Her Role in Coco and Being a Little Person in Hollywood

Playing tía Rosita in Disney Pixar’s new animated gem Coco was a dream come true for Selene Luna. “For me it’s very personal. I’m a Mexican immigrant and it’s an opportunity to show the world what a beautiful culture the Mexican culture is,” she tells PEOPLE CHICA of the all Latino cast. “In this political climate, it’s important to show what is positive about different cultures and how they contribute to America.”

Willow Smith Says Growing Up Famous Is 'Absolutely Terrible' but 'You Can’t Change Your Parents'

In the debut issue of digital zine Girlgaze, Willow Smith opened up about how having Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith as parents came with its own set of difficulties.

Asked what growing up famous was like, the 17-year-old revealed that “to be completely and utterly honest, it’s absolutely terrible.”