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8 Economics Tips That Reveal The Perfect Location For Your Wedding - Vox

Summer is wedding season: a time of joy and celebration, but also a time when people spend huge amounts of money in a way that makes them go insane with stress and worry. Fortunately, a few basic principles of economics can help you get not just a cheaper wedding but as more cost-effective one  at all different price points.

'Ring Cam' Lets You Record A Marriage Proposal Without Lifting A Finger

In an age when marriage proposals frequently go viral, there's a lot of pressure to capture the big moment in just the right way.

But what if you don't have a four-man camera crew or Hollywood-worthy film editing skills? That's where Ring Cam comes in.

How Runaway Cellist Kelsey Lu McJunkins Found Her Inner Beauty And Strength (VIDEO)

Style isn't always about the clothes you wear.

The What’s Underneath Project from StyleLikeU is an attempt to show the connection between personality, body and style. The video series features brutally honest interviews with individuals while disrobing down to their skivvies.