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No, Tom Brady and Ivanka Trump Never Dated, So It Wasn’t Any Gisele Jealousy Keeping Him from White House Visit

Despite suggestions to the contrary from a certain very short-term former White House communications director, first daughter Ivanka Trump and Patriots quarterback Tom Brady never dated, sources tell PEOPLE.

Electric Guest’s Asa Taccone: 5 Things to Know About the ‘Oh Devil’ Singer

You know the feeling: You recognize a band, their music sounds so familiar, but you’re not quite sure where you’ve heard them before. Was it a commercial, a TV show, a late night talk show appearance? Or did you catch them during a summer music festival? Maybe you just came across one of their songs on a Spotify Discover playlist. Whatever the original circumstance, the tune is undeniably catchy and you’re curious for more.

Richard Dreyfuss and His Son Had a Hilarious Family Therapy Session on Twitter

Richard Dreyfuss‘ movie paychecks went straight to his son, as Twitter learned through a hilarious and very candid exchange between the pair on Tuesday.

The actor’s 31-year-old son Ben replied to a tweet asking followers to name their favorite Steven Speilberg film, to which he pointed to an iconic movie in which his father played a key role.

Jaws because I didn’t get a scholarship to college and my dad had to pay for it,” Ben wrote.

Bees and Clowns and Holes, Oh My! Sarah Paulson's Real Fears Were Written into American Horror Story

Sarah Paulson truly had to face her fears while filming American Horror Story: Cult — the actress’ personal phobias were used in the script!

During an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Paulson revealed that her character’s greatest horrors — such as clowns, bees and clusters of small holes — are based on the things that give her immense anxiety in real life.

Woman Describes Being Groomed to Be R. Kelly’s Sex Slave at Age 16 in Shocking New Allegations

A woman alleging that she had an underage sexual relationship with R. Kelly says the singer had a woman who trained her to “please him.”

Jerhonda Pace recently sat down for an interview with The Real, where she detailed her life as part of Kelly’s alleged “sex cult.”