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21 NYC Women Confess the Dumbest Thing They Spend Their Money On

I live in New York and I waste a lot of money on dumb, unnecessary things. Recently, I decided to find out what other women in this city were wasting their money on — I wanted to know whether their habits were similar and if there were any patterns.

What did I learn? Well, for one thing, it turns out that Seamless is a near-universal problem. Read on for more stories of bad choices and the ways we rationalize them.

Rent The Runway's Warehouse Store Has Made Our Discount Fashion Dreams Come True

It's a great day for fashion lovers in the New York tri-state area.

Rent the Runway has long been our favorite source for designer duds on loan and style inspiration. However, we must admit we've always felt a pang of sadness when it was time to send those beautiful pieces packing.