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Groom Surprises Bride With Boy Band Dance, Gains 1,000 Husband Points

Seth Fickett wanted to surprise his bride during their recent wedding, so he did what any savvy groom would do: he broke out his dancing shoes and his best boy band moves.

It all went down during the couple's wedding earlier this month in Quakertown, Pennsylvania. During the reception, Seth and his groomsmen presented the bride Natalie with a super special dance to One Direction's "What Makes You Beautiful."

Throwback Thursday, VMAs Edition: See Our Most Memorable Style Moments Before Sunday's Awards

The MTV Video Music Awards are Sunday, and with them comes the promise of some truly memorable style moments. Since everyone from Lady Gaga to the Janoskians will score an invite, there’s bound to be a couple drop-dead-fabulous dresses, a few major fashion events and a couple outfits that will leaving you saying “What on earth?!” Below, we rounded up a few of our faves that fell into all those categories, and gave them the #TBT Instagram treatment for good measure.

Romance Is Alive and Well and Can Be Expressed With Hot Dogs

A thoughtful and resourceful 28-year-old man in China proposed to his girlfriend with a gift of 1,001 hot dogs. They reportedly met inside a bakery that sold hot dogs and he asked on their 1,001st day of knowing each other. First, congratulations on a straight-up meet cute, and second, what a wonderful thing for a bakery to sell, everyone take note.

Colombian Beauty Queen Paola Builes Aristizábal Stripped Of Crown For 'Lingerie' Pictures

A beauty queen who was gunning to be Miss Colombia had her hopes shot down when she was disqualified after pictures of her in underwear emerged.

Story continues below picture of said underwear in question ...