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These Satin Pajamas Double as Chic, Work-Ready Outfits

As we enter what feels like another turbulent year, the little luxuries of day-to-day living will hopefully appease some of our anxieties. Like a homemade meal shared with a loved one, a heartwarming FaceTime call with a family member, or the warm feeling we get from slipping into our favorite nightgown.

Satin is one fabric that helps deliver that soft, easygoing, and luxurious experience. Just wearing your favorite satin dress, pajama set, or suit has the power to uplift your mood. I'm all about these private moments of joy. If refreshing your sleepwear is on your shopping list this year, I've curated 19 pieces that not only double as daytime wear, but will make you feel snug as you close your eyes at night.