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Model Agent Jason Kanner On Kate Upton's Success And The Next Male Supermodel

Female models seem to be everywhere, from Cosmo covers starring Miranda Kerr to sexy commercials featuring Kate Upton. But where are the superstar male models, the ones who achieve real-life Zoolander fame? We talked to Jason Kanner, longtime modeling agent and founder of Soul Artist Management, about the state of male modeling, where all the male supermodels are and why everyone loves Kate Upton so darn much.

Downtown Debuts - Sniffapalooza Extravaganza Day Two

In four weeks, fragrance lovers from around the world will gather in New York City for a perfume extravaganza known as the Sniffapalooza Fall Ball.  I'm often asked what happens during these scent filled weekends and why I continue to go.  Here's my account from one of the days from the most recent Spring Fling to tell you why and encourage you to sign up for Fall Ball!