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Shop These 21 Fashion Items and Feel Instantly Uplifted - Now That's Shoptimism

Shoptimism is the idea that mood-boosting pieces really do exist, and shopping them (then wearing them, of course) will add a little spark to your day. There's no better time to start collecting such essentials than January, when we could all stand to press the reset button and welcome in a new year. Even though most of us are still scooping up stylish products that help us feel better about staying home all the time - e.g. Contributing Editor Nneya Richards's flirty "anything goes" Tanya Taylor dress that she wears around the house or my tie-dye sweat skirt (yes, I said skirt!) - we can still get creative with our looks to keep morale high. Ahead, find out what we've got our eyes on this month, and see if any of these must haves become must haves for you, too.