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J Lo Has a Wardrobe Full of Matching Co-Ords, and We're All About That Life

Someone needs to dub Jennifer Lopez the queen of matching sweatsuits, because the singer has a lot, and we're not even mad about it. It seems like J Lo has opted for comfort at this time, but that hasn't stopped her from choosing stylish designs, like this gray The Mayfair Group sweatsuit that has "Empathy" written on it in a rainbow font, or bold prints like the one on her trippy tie-dye Polo Ralph Lauren set. She's been spotted wearing so many coordinated sets, we've honestly lost track of how many she actually owns. Can you imagine how many she has in her closet that we haven't even seen yet?

Since we're all about keeping comfort top of mind with our wardrobe, we decided to take a look back at some of our favorite looks she's worn over the past few months. From a mustard yellow set from Beyoncé's Ivy Park collection to a royal blue one from Frankies Bikinis, J Lo seems to own this look in every color of the spectrum. Keep reading to see her best sweatsuit moments ahead. We've even shopped out certain styles if you're in the market for matching sweatsuits too. You're welcome!