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Barbie Ferreira Picked Her 9 Top Gifts From Nordstrom, and We Want Them All

Barbie Ferreira, aka Kat on Euphoria, is someone we look to for style inspiration. So when we saw that she had curated a gift guide with Nordstrom, well, our mouses almost broke from clicking so fast. She's part of a select group of celebrities and tastemakers who have all chosen their favorite holiday gifts, and while they're all worth shopping, we want everything from Ferreira's list. These nine products are things that not only make great gifts, but items we'd add to our own personal wish lists.

From Fendi slides to boxer briefs and a leather harness worn in Euphoria, these nine products are cool, cute, and so easily giftable. There's also a beaded Susan Alexander butterfly bag that's calling our name. If you're looking for the perfect holiday gift, Ferreira found it for you. Just keep reading to shop her picks!

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