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Women Still Applaud Versace’s Powerful Sex Appeal

I’m going to try to explain to you why I love tacky shit right now.

It’s something that’s been asked a lot of me lately, as my attraction to all things gaudy (animal prints, gold chains, long red nails) and stupid (Juicy Couture, giant logos, rhinestones) is a recent and somewhat perplexing development in my personal style trajectory.

Mirai Nagasu Opens Up About Her Final Olympic Performance and Her Controversial Comments After

Mirai Nagasu would like to explain herself.

In less than two weeks at the 2018 Winter Olympics the 24-year-old American figure skater has competed through what she will readily admit was an unexpectedly draining experience, as full of previously unimaginable success as it was sharp disappointment.

U.S. Men's Curlers Make History with an Olympic Gold-Medal Win — After a Pep Talk From Mr. T

The United States men’s curling team is officially bringing home a gold medal from the 2018 Winter Olympics — and they made a bit of history in the process.

Team USA’s curlers faced off against Sweden on Saturday in the men’s curling final, completing a dramatic run in Gangneung, South Korea, that saw them beat out three-time defending Olympic champions Canada twice in less than a week to reach the gold-medal game.

Autopsy Proves Bethany Stephens Was Killed by Her Dogs Despite Speculation She Was Murdered

An autopsy report officially ruled that a Virginia woman was killed by her two pit bulls while she was taking them out for a walk.

Goochland Sheriff’s Office released the medical examiner’s findings as authorities closed the investigation into the death of 22-year-old Bethany Lynn Stephens, ruling she “was not raped, and this was not a homicide.”

Taylor Lautner Mourns the Death of 13-Year-Old Dog Roxy: 'You Have Brought So Much Joy'

Taylor Lautner is mourning the loss of his best friend.

The Twilight actor, 26, revealed Friday that his 13½-year-old dog, Roxy, had passed away.

The Maltese pup has been by the actor’s side for his entire career as she was a gift from his family when he filmed his first ever movie, Lautner said in his a heartbreaking Instagram post announcing Roxy had died.

Jennifer Lawrence Says She 'Felt Devastated' After Donald Trump's Election: 'My Head Exploded'

To say that Jennifer Lawrence was shocked by Donald Trump‘s election would be an understatement.

The 27-year-old Oscar winner said her “head exploded” after the businessman was elected, adding that she felt a tumult of emotions.