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9 Fashion People Having Fun With Popcorn

Fall 2018 CALVIN KLEIN 205W39NYC Runway Show

Calvin Klein’s runway last night featured piles and piles of popcorn, for models to walk through and guests to play in. As the old saying goes, if you build a popcorn pit, they will come. The covered runway looked like snow and was a huge hit. Because the kernels were unbuttered (therefore less greasy) many people decided it was okay to jump right on in and immerse themselves in the snack. Just like a food-based fever dream, or designer Raf Simons’s interpretation of the sprinkle pool. Either way, it’s nice to see fashion people have a little bit of fun playing in the popcorn, even though eating it was not recommended (and probably gross).

This isn’t Simons’s first time playing with food this week — his eponymous label’s show was a Vermeer-esque feast featuring chocolate, salami, and waffles. Unfortunately, front-row guest Laura Dern did not take a photo of herself playing in the popcorn (that we know of). But enjoy the below photos of nine attendees having the time of their life posing in it — and Michael B. Jordan, who took a more sultry route.