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Ohio Bride Takes 'Wedding to Dad' After He's Hospitalized: 'It Was Absolutely Beautiful'

Ever since Janae Hauger was a little girl, she dreamed of dancing with her father, Steve Price, on her wedding day. So, the 23-year-old bride decided she’d do all she could to make that dream come true after her father was hospitalized just weeks before her big day.

“We share an incredible bond and we have always dreamt of the day he was able to walk me down the aisle and share a father-daughter dance with me,” Hauger, of Richwood, Ohio, tells PEOPLE. “When we were told he couldn’t attend the wedding and walk me down the aisle, I knew I had to at least dance with him.”

Given 3 Months to Live, Animal Rescuer Zach Skow Is Alive 10 Years Later Because of 3 Dogs

Zach Skow can often be found chilling in a party bus filled with excited rescue dogs, traveling the country to share the importance of caring for and respecting animals.

But 10 years ago, Skow, then 28, was in a much different place.

“Ten years ago I had end stage liver disease and less than 90 days to live without a liver transplant,” Skow tells PEOPLE.

A long battle with addiction had left Skow disconnected from the frail, sickly man he saw in the mirror.

“I had a tough time being awake in my own skin,” he remembers of those darker days.

3 Months Before Husband Allegedly Murdered Her, Pregnant Woman Gushed: 'He's the Best Thing'

Shanann Watts documented much of her life and the lives of her growing family on Facebook, and it’s on Facebook where she met her husband — the same man who allegedly murdered her and their two young daughters earlier this week.

Man Loses 150 Lbs. When Strangers Pay for His Weight Watchers Membership After His Dad's Death

After hitting 431 lbs. and getting diagnosed with hypertention and type 2 diabetes, Eric Gonzales had joined Weight Watchers and was finally taking control of his health in 2016. But just a year later it looked like it would all fall apart again as he dealt with losing his grandmother and learning that his dad has brain cancer.