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Celebrity Fashion News

See the Dreamiest Dresses From Bridal Fashion Week

The unofficial start to weddings season is still a few weeks away, but bridal fashion week just wrapped up. If you’re shopping for a dress or just enjoy gawking at pretty gowns, there are plenty of options for every bride. For fans of Meghan Markle’s simple yet elegant Givenchy creation, several designers offered their own interpretations. For something less traditional, jumpsuits and trousers are becoming even more popular.

How Complaining Turns Co-workers Into Friends

There comes a moment in every burgeoning office friendship when you and your co-worker begin to dance around the idea of talking some serious shit. Usually, it starts with a generic work complaint (think: “I have so much to do lol”) and grows gradually more pointed until both parties realize they are ready and willing to get into it. Then there is the relief and the self-conscious laughter (i.e., “omg I was tiptoeing around that”), and then, finally, the volcanic stream of gossip and complaints. Among the many categories of transitional co-worker/friend moments, this is my favorite.

Kylie Jenner’s Sunday Service Braid Truly Got the Memo

Many things marked yesterday, Sunday, April 21, 2019: It was the final day of the second and final weekend of Coachella 2019, Easter Sunday 2019, and the public debut of Kanye’s mysterious Sunday Service. Sitting at the very center of this pastel-colored trinity of Venn diagrams hovers Kylie Jenner’s glorious braid.