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So, Are Prince Harry and Prince William Fighting or What?

Sunday was a big day for the royals: Not only was it Easter, a day on which many of the adults in the British royal family tend to go to church together, but it was also Queen Elizabeth’s 93rd birthday. The turnout this year was impressive. The queen, obviously, was there.

The Dance Director Who Loves a Bright Suit

As the director of Alvin Ailey’s public dance and fitness center, Ailey Extension, Lisa Johnson-Willingham is literally on the move, constantly. On any given day she could be teaching a master class to students, taking a dance class herself, meeting with clients about potential partnerships, or all of the above. Add to that two teenage children, and Johnson-Willingham has a packed schedule that takes her from parent-teacher conferences to red-carpet appearances.

[Crying] ‘My Body Looks Awesome in This’

It’s sad to know there are some things we will just not experience. No matter how hard we work, no matter what road our lives take, some things are closed to us. We will never have [some example, reader’s choice], we will never do [another one of your own examples]. And we will never go to the wedding-dress shop with Brittany and the rest of the girls from Vanderpump Rules to watch Brittany try on dresses for her wedding to Jax (one of my examples), because that already happened and we weren’t there.