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Provocative Celebrity Photographer Tyler Shields Doesn't Hold Back in New YouTube Documentary

Most recently known for his controversial photo of Kathy Griffin holding a prop of Donald Trump’s severed head, photographer Tyler Shields is no stranger of provocative images.

“I have been filming crazy s— longer than I have not been filming crazy s—,” says Shields in his new YouTube Red documentary, Tyler Shields: Provocateur. “I filmed people just doing the craziest things you could possibly imagine.”

Paw Up to the Bar at New York City's First Dog Cafe

There’s a “latte” to love about Boris and Horton.

The New York City spot is the first dog-friendly cafe in the Big Apple.

Named after the owner’s canines, Boris and Horton offers up coffee, wine, beer and canine companionship. Visitors can bring their own pooch or hang out with the rescue dogs that frequently stop by to make friends and maybe even meet their future forever family.