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What I Learned From Interviewing All the Women I Know About Their Orgasms

Before I ever had my first kiss, I went to second base.

Well, kind of. The tamest possible version of second base. I was 12 years old; pre–bat mitzvah but post–crossing the threshold of menstruation and leg shaving, and I was in a basement in New Jersey, watching The Rocky Horror Picture Show. A shaggy-haired boy from Hebrew school sat next to me, and halfway through the movie, under a blanket, he began to slowly feel me up over my black sports bra from Macy’s.

Ben Mulroney Says His Twins Had So Much 'Fun' in Royal Wedding — and the Kids Formed a 'Club'

Ben Mulroney usually has the cameras on him as a Canadian television host, but it was his three kids who stole the show at Meghan Markle and Prince Harry‘s royal wedding — including one viral (and toothless!) grin.

Why You Get Anxious When Your Friends Are Anxious

Even though Twitter is a mostly very bad website now, I still spend lots of time on it. One of the more frustrating parts about this is that I often find myself getting all riled up and anxious about things I do not (and should not) care about. When I see people I know (and sometimes even people I like) acting riled up and anxious about something, I usually start feeling that way too. Before you know it, I’m sending hot-garbage tweets about something that probably wouldn’t have bothered me if I hadn’t seen it bothering someone else.