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Eula Biss on Why There’s No Such Thing As an Anti-Vaxxer

Eula Biss is best known for On Immunity, her 2014 book detailing the reasons people decide to vaccinate and why some people don’t. Reading it is still, to my mind, the best way to understand the mentality of anti-vaxxers. And yet over the course of a couple recent conversations with her, I noticed something that surprised me: She never used the term “anti-vaxxer,” not even once. It’s a conscious choice, she told me.

What Counts As Selling Out?

If you want to make art, how do you get the money to do it? And what compromises are you willing to make along the way? Those questions are nothing new, of course — artists have been subsidized by people with money going back to the Medicis. But now that spon-con and brands have replaced commissions and renaissance patrons, the compromises have only gotten blurrier and more confusing.

Curtis Sittenfeld: What is selling out? Like … I mean, it’s almost like the Supreme Court definition of pornography. Like, I know it when I see it.

A Glamorous Wedding at the Frick Museum

Welcome to Isn’t It Romantic?, a week in which we will indulge our desire to shamelessly ogle lavish, beautiful weddings. Next up: New Yorkers Sarah Needham and Jared Katseff.

Sarah and Jared’s “shared love of New York” brought them together — Jared works as an infrastructure and urban planning consultant, and Sarah works at the Hill Art Foundation.