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Replace Cupid With Ice-T

For decades, Valentine’s Day has been promoted by Cupid, a sometimes-cute, sometimes-creepy, baby angel with wings and a bow and arrow. And for the most part, that’s been fine. His baby body floated from hopeful lover to hopeful lover, shooting his little arrow of love into their bums. But maybe it’s time for someone new, someone fresher, someone less violent and more up with the times.

Maybe, it’s time for Ice-T.

Paris’ Most Famous Hairstylist Is Over Flat-Ironed Hair

Hairstylists never forget their first. “Her name was Anne Brooke, and I cut her hair with bad, bad kitchen scissors in the Botanical Gardens where we would hang and smoke cigarettes,” recalls Australian David Mallett. “She thought the cut was marvelous and I thought it was marvelous, and my career began.”