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Maybe I Should Quit Everything and Join CrossFit

A few years ago I tried CrossFit. It was for a story, and I dropped out after completing their on-boarding course. The idea of continuing didn’t really occur to me: The gym (or “box”) was nice, and I’d loved the sense of community, but I was smoking and drinking a lot at the time, and exercise in general made me nervous. If I couldn’t keep up, it would mean I was unhealthy and should change, but I wasn’t ready to do that, so it was easier to avoid acknowledging it altogether.

This Harvard Business School Graduate Wants You to Wear Lipstick

Mary Beth Laughton has had one B-plus her entire life. “I was always a good student — very hard-working, very focused, serious, and ambitious,” explains Sephora’s executive vice-president of Omni-Retail. “I remember my parents would say, ‘Mary Beth, it’s okay to get a B every once in a while.’ But it’s just how I’m wired.”

And then there is her athletic prowess. She grew up competing in tennis and softball, and was a champion basketball free thrower all through high school. She aimed that laser focus toward becoming a sportscaster from the time she could hold a basketball.

Gift of the Day: An XXL Silk Scrunchie

If you’ve decided to eschew a hair tie for the comforting hug of a scrunchie, congratulations. You’ve made the right choice and have taken an important step in reducing ponytailed-related tension headaches (Ruth Bader Ginsburg agrees). Take it one step further with a generously sized scrunchie made of silk.

Put a Candy Cane in Your Coffee

Caucasian woman drinking hot chocolate outdoors

Look at how happy this woman is, to my left. Why do you think she’s so happy? Her perfect gray hair? Her soft gloves? The fact that she has inherited wealth, I assume? No. She’s happy because she put a candy cane in her coffee, which is a delicious treat anyone can enjoy — even if you aren’t from old money.

Lucky GOP Senators Have ‘Hot Beef Sundaes’ for Lunch

Being a Republican senator seems absolutely wild. There appears to be a lot of shouting, and hiding in bathrooms, and sometimes you have to hang out with Ted Cruz. Also, this week, for their “Thursday Lunch Group,” GOP senators were treated to a dish called “hot beef sundae.” Wild!