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Photos: Downton’s Mary and Edith Halt Period of Mourning to Hit Up London Fashion Week

As we enter day three of Downton Abbey mourning, the curtains are still drawn, the wardrobe choices are all-black, and our hearts are too broken to even contemplate going outside and enjoying the many pleasures of modern life. You would assume that Lady Mary and Lady Edith are doing the same, right? They've lost two family members — surely they’re holed up in the ladies’ drawing room at the estate for the foreseeable future, right?

In the Pits: How Fashion Week Gets Photographed

It starts with claiming your spot on the riser. Then you need something to stand on to make sure you have a perfectly clear view; something for the photographer behind you to stand on, so that he can aim his camera above your head. Then you wait in position as the editors, buyers, and front-row stars come trickling in to their seats.