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HOW MANY Custom Cakes Does It Take To Welcome A Heat Baby? (PHOTOS)

When your dad is a two-time NBA champion for the top team in the nation, life is going to be good.

First there was this ridiculous image of Chris and Adrienne Bosh's baby Jackson chilling poolside during the #BoshFamilyWorldTour of Spain, India and Italy.

The couple's new baby girl is already being pampered to a life of luxury in utero with this weekend's over-the-top Parisian princess-themed baby shower.

'300 Sandwiches' Halloween Costume Is Only Slightly More Absurd Than The Blog

It has been mere weeks since we met Stephanie Smith, the Page Six reporter trading 300 sandwiches for an engagement ring. However, UCB performer Livia Scott has found already found a way to immortalize the now-infamous couple and their confusingly misogynistic arrangement.

This Lady Has Forgotten More About Massaging Cats Than You Will Ever Know (VIDEO)

Where to even begin with this video? First of all, there's never been a more perfect wardrobe ever. Second, well... just everything else.

Everything Is Terrible shared this masterpiece with the world in 2009, but it has risen to the top of reddit in just the last day. If you have a cat, this has everything you need to know in order to develop a really creepy relationship with him/her.