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How Dermatologists Got My Face ‘Oscar-Ready’

Dr.  Harold Lancer’s office, sandwiched between a Ralph Lauren and a Giorgio Armani on Rodeo Drive, looks like a modern art gallery turned nightclub.  Stark white walls surround the huge empty space and bright purple chairs shaped like the Sydney Opera House sit as art installations in the center of the room. There's a Picasso on one wall. And a Cassat on another. A Renoir, on loan from the Louvre, is hanging somewhere else. 

Kristina Matisic: Tights ≠ Pants

Last week, I tweeted a gentle reminder to women that tights are not pants. You'd think this doesn't need saying, kind of like bras are not tops and cats don't need to be walked. But clearly, I hit a nerve.

The response was surprising and far-reaching. Apparently this is an issue as far away as South Africa. A few guys shot me down, accusing me of ruining a perfectly good peep show. Considering all the fervor, I feel the topic needs more than a 140-character discussion.