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Celebrity Fashion News

Chanel Made the Ultimate New York Souvenir

Personally, I have never met a Chanel bag I don’t love, so when I heard there’s a new kid in town, I perked up. To celebrate the newly refurbished Chanel flagship store on 57th street in New York, the brand has produced a few limited-edition products. Sure, the store has a 60-foot-tall pearl necklace and insane art from Robert Mapplethorpe and Jenny Holzer, but I’m talking about goods we can actually bring home.

Trump Praises Dead Supreme Court Justice for Having a Ton of Sex

Today, President Trump honored figures like Elvis Presley, Babe Ruth, and late Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia with Presidential Medals of Freedom. To his fans, Scalia was a champion of conservatism. To his critics, he was a reactionary, reprehensible bigot. To Trump, he’s simply a guy who boned a lot.

The Artist Making Archaeological Remains Feel New

Geometry and ancient archaeological remains aren’t generally associated with each other, but to artist Matthew Craven, they’re a perfect match. Craven is the author behind PRIMER, an art book out now that you’re going to want to study and have on your coffee table. Craven specializes in collages, taking photos of ancient art and arranging them in series of mirrored patterns inspired by indigenous textiles. Each collage is the product of scouring encyclopedias and textbooks or in order to find the perfect photo to add to his collage.